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Bonjour, Parlez-vous Franglais?

September 24, 2010 5 comments

You can’t run away from your problems. I mean, sure – you can run away from things like the fuckwits at the DWP or the various bailiffs, but real troubles, REAL troubles. They’re the things that sit heavily in your heart and mind. They press upon your soul. You carry them with you always and you can’t run away from them. Read more…


Putting a name to the face.

May 6, 2010 1 comment

Meet Esme: she doesn't know it yet, but the old gods are watching her...

So I have a character. Her name is Esmerelda. It may be an odd choice, I admit, but she actually prefers being called Esme, which isn’t to say that the second part of her name will not be of some use to us further in the story. She is 17. I feel that is a good age. When I was 17, I had some close female friends and they seemed pretty clued in on what they were about and what they were doing, but they still had that slight lack of experience which gave way to making mistakes and still learning new things. I want her to be strong but not so far as to be a stereotypical Joss Whedon character. Read more…