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“Impatience is a virtue” – The Samsung Jet Advert

August 13, 2010 3 comments

It may be more than just a phone, but it is definitely more than just an advert.

Samsung have taken an egg from the ravaged uterus of a weekend coke snorter and injected it with the dying sperm of an insurance sales team leader and then force-gestated the resultant embryo in the sickening juices of everything that was wrong with the 80’s. The ‘mother’ who carried this abomination was the director for E4’s thinly veiled dramatised shock-doc, Skins and throughout it’s accelerated pregnancy was bombarded with sounds and images of incoherency which can only be compared to the brainwashing sequence from A Clockwork Orange. What was birthed, nay SHAT,  into the world was the advert for the Samsung JET. Read more…

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