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This is the beginning of forever and ever.

Me, the great lover… seducer of married women. corrupter of innocents, breaker of hearts and hymens, fucker of bodies and minds. ruiner of relationships,  satisfier of the curious and all round dirty boy…

I was not always so.

It happened in a school hall, of all places. And it started with violins and a scratchy drum beat…

I remember talking, not because of what I was saying, but because I remember you stopped me. Not by word but by deed when you appeared in the balcony doorway. Your timing was perfect: one hand on hip, the other pulled gently at the zip of your tight, black cardigan. You pulled it down part-way revealing the bare, pale skin beneath. You stroked gently at the bare skin, sliding your hand in to feel a breast – your nipple hardening visibly instantly through the fabric. As you stood staring into my eyes you mouthed the opening words…

I’m so tired, of playing… playing with this bow and arrow, gonna give my heart away….

…and I think at that point my mind just melted away.

You came closer, purring words into my ear, pressing yourself against me. I reached up my hands to touch you, feel you, embrace you – but you smiled and held my wrists, wordlessly implying my participation was purely at your whim. Keeping hold of my hands, you turned slowly, drawing yourself against me, sliding perfectly on to my lap. My excitement so obvious, you move against me and I forget to breathe for a moment, when I do finally manage to suck in air, I also get the taste of your sweet perfume and those fancy long cigarettes you smoked… you wouldn’t know this, but to this day I still love the taste of smoke on a woman’s lips – even though I quit years ago.

Your fingers mingle in with mine and you and I briefly hold you, before you pull them down and down, feeling the fabric of your skirt give way to soft flesh. On the return journey our hands slide under the skirt, along the thighs and you take me dangerously close – close enough I can feel heat and dampness before pulling them out and upwards following the rough path of the zipper on your jumper. At the very top, where we can feel bare flesh, you pause,

Flicking your hair back I realise you are still singing the words. Well, not so much singing as sighing them with a melody. You flick your hair and lean your head back, to kiss my neck and allow me a full view straight down your body and choose this moment to slowly pull the zip down, agonizingly, tooth by tooth.

I remember your skin being so warm and soft underneath, that was my first thought. Then we peeled it open, revealing your nakedness underneath. Your breasts small, well-formed, attention-seeking in the way their perkiness begged me to look at them at. The nipples were pure, bright pink standing out on the pale skin. So pale, that was my second thought.

You teased us both with your fingers, like children daring each other to knock at the door and run, you kept getting closer and closer and pulling away at the last moment. Finally you put us both out of your misery and pressed my hands over them, leaning forward slightly to apply pressure in a way I would eventually learn you enjoyed. We stayed like this for what could have been a minute, or could have been a millenia. Me holding you, you moving against me. So close.

When the guitar solo’s harsh edges rang out, you stood, turning quickly. You grabbed my hair at the back of my head and pulled them into your chest, i kissed the skin there and my tongue darted out. How did you know I was going to do that? Hm, maybe you didn’t. Maybe it was just pure luck that you moved at that exact moment to cause tip of nipple to collide with tip of tongue created the first of only two losses of control you would have in this experience. Your moan and immediate reaction, that tangible stiffening of the areole woke me up and I went to grab you, pull you against me. You pushed me away. Took a step back. I thought I had played it wrong and lost the game. You smiled at me mockingly, then swiftly removed your underwear in one swift move. For a moment it looked like you were going to throw them to one side. Then you looked at me and brought them up to my face. I could smell and taste your moistness and the garbled moan I let out was a testament to my teenage desire and your beauty.

Another strong motion forced me onto my back, your hands and motions moving faster and surer now. You felt me through my trousers. I was so hard for you it hurt. You deftly freed me from my cheap, scuffed trousers and with a few more throbs I was harder than I thought possible. You stared down hungrily at me. I could see in your eyes your desires and intentions. It was beautiful. YOU were beautiful.

Small, delicate hands closed around my engorged cock. Slow strokes, gently pulled at the skin, revealing the red fuckmeat beneath. It glistening with dewy drops of opalescent precum and you rubbed it into the head, I moaned audibly and cringed as you touched the most sensitive glans. and. you. squeezed. once more milking precum, only this time you dabbed forefinger and thumb into it, taking it up to your lips and sucked suggestively at your thumb. Bringing your finger up to my mouth, you opened yours in the way a mother would do to encourage a child to open their mouth to eat. Dumbly I acknowledged and you ran your wet finger over my lips so I could taste the salt of my own creation. Then you brought your other hand up and ran your ring finger over my lips and tongue. The taste was different, sweeter, fragrant. You sucked the middle finger of this hand and looked at me questioningly. It was then I realised that you had somehow been touching yourself when you were touching me and that sweetness was YOUR sweetness. I could have wept.

You toyed with me, slowly pumping, feeling the thick veins under the skin from tip to base. You watched me, studied me, you knew when something was too much and you brought me to the brink so very close several times before easing off gently. You reached into your bag and pulled out a condom. My head fell back and I waited for your small hands to place it on me. But there you had another surprise, didn’t you? The feeling of your mouth pressed on to my cock was pleasure and agony. You moved slowly down the shaft, your tongue flicking and rolling and again I thought I would lose myself for sure, but you kept me controlled. You took all of me into your mouth and then slid me back out, I was now protected.

Moving over me, I could feel the excitement begin to grow, I had an urge to touch myself. A base, animal need to get this pleasure out and finished but you placed and kiss upon my forehead, bringing me back to reality and soothing my inner beast. You took hold of me again, gently lowering yourself on to me. I could feel you rub me against the soft, downy hair to the moist lips which you used me to part with ease. You held me there, just taking the head of me in to you. Like a lover’s kiss, gently hinting at the deeper embrace. You smiled at me, braced a hand against my chest and took me inside you.

The fit was beyond perfect. My eyes managed to open to see yours roll back into your head and you bared your teeth in pleasure. We stayed like that for a moment, just enjoying this initial meeting. Then your lithe hips began to rock back and forth. I could feel the walls of your cunt embrace me, hold me, smother me even. I remember moaning and the moan echoed in the large open hall. I then realised the music had at some point stopped but I could still hear the drums and strings in my head.

I looked up at you and you smiled again at me. “I’m sorry” I said. “I don’t think I can keep this..” you placed a little kiss on my lips and said “It doesn’t matter, this is for you. Your turn.” my hands reached up around your back and I held you hard against me. I pulled my shirt off in haste because I wanted to feel your naked chest against mine. “I want to hold on for you.” I blurted out. ” She shook her head with a sad no. I was not sure what I had done wrong until she said “I told you… this is for YOU. Now, if you can’t play by those rules, I’m going to make you cum. Do it. Now – cum for me.”

I grit my teeth and tried not to think of this beautiful girl riding me purely for my own pleasure. Her young naked skin pressed against mine, her legs clinging on to me, her sweet cunt sucking at my cock, but it was no good. I was, as I said, an inexperienced youth and she was just too damn good.

My orgasm was racking, jerking ecstasy. My whole body throbbed inside and out, pouring myself into her for a lifetime of lifetimes. When I finally opened my eyes, she was looking at me, smiling intensely. I tried to speak, she stopped me. “Can you stay hard?” I nodded numbly. “Good.”

With the tingling sensations and the cold sweat of afterglow still dominating my body, I lay there consciously comatose. She reached down and felt me still hard in her and she began moving slightly again. This time she was moving for herself. There was no immediate rushing away of blood for me today. Today I was hard – hard for her, for you. Her fingers held her open began to flick and strum at her puffy clitoris. It was a lesson I would take with me forever watching her pleasure herself on me. Her excitement was evident in the flushing of her skin and narrowing of her eyes. She came quickly, shuddering, nails dug in to my chest and she bucked, squeezing every drop of pleasure out of the thrill and I could feel her throb and pulse around my cock inside her, it was like nothing I had felt before.

Shaking, she let out a sigh of reluctant acceptance and slowly rose up. My proud organ wanted to cling to her, begged to stay inside her forever so this feeling would not fade but sobriety was replaced ecstasy and she slid back down to rest against me. Her head on my pounding chest, hand in my hair and legs tangled in mine.

It will always stay with me, that day. I have played the song over with several lovers, partly for the effect it has on me, but also as tribute to you.

You did not take my virginity that day, but you definitely took my innocence.

  1. Kathryn
    June 22, 2010 at 18:08

    This is utterly beautiful. There are no other words to describe it. Utterly beautiful x

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