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Worm Turns

started with the itching,
with the itching, with the itching.
started with the itching,
just underneath my skin.
then came the burning.
came the burning, came the burning.
then came the burning,
from the outside moving in.
I could feel something squirming.
something probing, something learning.
I could feel something squirming
so I tried to dig it out.
The knife picked at my flesh
sweet red meat, nice and fresh.
the knife picked out my flesh
in small chunks down to the bone.
the itching moved down deeper,
moved down deeper, little creeper
the itching moved down deeper
in the marrow made it’s home.
now it’s moving through my marrow
long and narrow, burning arrow.
it’s moving through the marrow
and I may just go insane.
it’s heading up my spine,
in such short time, little vine
it’s heading up my spine
it wants inside my brain.
I can feel it growing long,
growing up, growing strong.
I can feel it growing long
and my body starts to shake
I feel it sliding in;
so the pain begins
I cry silently, mouth open
drool and air trickle out
hands are numbfeet tickle stupidsensationreally why
do they tickle? when i cannot even movemytongueeeee
andthe words… stopp..
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