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ever increasing circles

Another edition of Sunday Smut. I know it is not Sunday Morning Smut, but I slept in! I am more dedicated to my strange dreams than my strange readers, sorry. After speaking to some people on Twitter, it has come to my attention that several of you would also like to write something similar but would only be happy to do so anonymously. That is fair enough, so I offer you my blog that you may post something you wish others to read and enjoy, but keeping your secrets safe. Just DM me on Twitter and we can arrange it.

I’d like to dedicate this to a friend and follower. Whilst I would like you all to read this picturing yourself as the ‘you’… she is the ‘you’ in this story for me and one day this will not be just a story, I promise you that. x

ever increasing circles?

Where I move my tongue and lips slowly… around the pale white flesh of a breast. Slowly, oh so painfully slowly getting nearer to my proud expectant goal with each revolution.
Your hand tightens in mind.
You try and shift your body, your impatience now evident – instead of letting the traveller make his way, you would bring the  destination to him.
Let. You.
You are succumbing to the sensations inside you, the growing tightness in your stomach, the quickening throb deep between your thighs..
You take your free hand, squeezing the tortured breast and offer it to me. I can’t let you have everything you want, so I go to consume the waiting nipple.
Just a little warning with my sharp teeth – heavy enough to scold but light enough to force a moan out of your clenched teeth.
You can feel the heat still in your tingling, swollen breast so I blow softly, the cool air making it tighten and harden more than you thought possible.
I feel the first shudders come and go and so I take you in my mouth. sucking hard and firm. my lips and tongue moving in unison to make you buck and tumble. Your free hand joins your free breast and your fingers match the movements of my mouth.
more what?
“more please”
very good.
I cannot ignore your polite request. I look up into your eyes and smile…
It is not a warm smile…
It is a smile of intent…
Almost a warning –
I slide down, my tongue trailing along your midriff, dipping into your belly button to taste the sweat I have helped put there. I find the sensitive area of your stomach which makes you twitch and laugh!
But your laughter is gulped back when you feel my hands on your knees, pushing you apart before me.
Kneeling before you I look like a believer about to worship
In a way… I am – and every follower must take a sip from the holy goblet
However I am a lapsed follower and do not follow your strict dogma.
My tongue and teeth attack the insides of your thighs, a lick here, a kiss there a bite here, here and here!
My lips and teeth linger on a spot and it is too late before you realise I am marking you with a kiss. Do not worry, only you and I know it is there.
In fact, in the following hours, you will lay spent on the bed stroking it, remembering.
It is a habit which you will follow in the coming days, even after it has faded; your hand will absently stray to feel the mark my kiss left on you. A sweet bruise of ownership.
My fingers graze your mons.
The small scratching resonates inside you
I draw longer lines with my nails
Closer to the swollen skin and that precious nub with hides from me so seductively, a bud waiting to flower
you writhe
you moan
you try not to beg
you shudder
you beg
My fingers hold you open to me, I sink into hot flesh – moist and waiting, I blow gently to watch the throbbing twitch again
My mouth closes down over your tiny button of pure sensation
The gentle sucking drives you to gasping, you think this is divine
You are so naive
You forgot my tongue
My snake-like tongue with a mind of it’s own
And it loves to lick and flick and tease and tempt – and you forgot it?
The offence does not go unpunished and I make sure you will not forget it again by flicking out at the swollen pearl, as erect as the still moist nipple
I drag my tongue over and around. hard flicks followed by gentle circles followed by a grinding as my tongue pushes it against your pubis and it rubs rubs rubs
The flicking tongue flickers faster
Every flick is like a whip crack, creating a shudder and a jolt raising your body off the bed and slamming down. Your hands are squeezing your breasts hard, that the marble white skin is marked by red handprints slowly fading.
Your hands thrust forward into the back of my thick curly hair
You experience a sexual dissonance. You want to push my face into your crotch to grind hard against me, but you also wish to pull me away because the sensations are almost too too much to bear.
Fortunately I have branded you, which means I make your decisions for you.
I slide two fingers deep into you. third knuckle deep
You moan aloud, there is friction but the juices flowing freely from you now simply expedite my exploration of your flesh. I turn my hand, my fingers stretch, flex and curl,
…then they are slightly removed
just slightly enough to be hooked to the inside of your damp darkness
My fingers hook and rub. Mimicking the movement of my lips, still sucking that swollen nub. I rub you inside, fingers and flesh press against the inside of your pubis now and you are so deep in enjoyment you think my fingers are rubbing my own tongue and there is no flesh in between – just an area of intangible pleasure.
The hand grips tighter to my hair
you are close
your breathing shallows
The moaning between gritted teeth becomes a litany of threats, pleads and gibberish
Your hips rise up so you can grind on my face – fuck my face.
The coiled spring inside your stomach tightens to almost painful levels now
The conscious part of your brain lonely ponders why it has not snapped. If a clock were wound up this tightly it would surely have
It hits you like a match hitting oil and your body explodes
Thoughts and feelings become one big sensation, like a wave repeatedly crashing on the shore – never ebbing.
You shudder and shake, wringing every last drop of sweet pleasurable poison out of this climax.
All your betraying mouth can do now is repeatedly whisper my name as you scramble frantically to pull me off you, pull me out of you, pull me up on you. the sensations are too much now and you want more contact.
Shared contact, to do rather than to be done to.
You cup my face in your hands and I tell you to open your eyes
You do so
Looking into mine, your moan and tremble again (an aftershock to the big quake)
Your kiss me hard. It is a desperate, needy kiss and it is fueled by the taste of you that you take from my lips. You lick at me, trying to reclaim your fluid you had previously -so unwillingly- given me.
The blushing chest rises and falls, slowing gradually
You look at me and say please
“I want you inside me
“I need to feel you inside me
I smile and shake my head
No, tonight I shall take my pleasure from your pleasure – and no more.
You are still malleable to me, so I roll you to your side
One hand slides under your head – a make-shift pillow for you.
The other hand embraces yours and we lay cooling
My fingers trace your body gently so gently, for your nerves are firing everywhere and the supersensivity could drive you too far again.
We lay there
I hold you: safe, warm, protected.
The physical sensations of the orgasm thrum away slowly and you are left with the warmth.
and you lay in my arms
and I kiss you lightly
nuzzle my lips into your neck
and we sleep
  1. May 30, 2010 at 13:03

    Oh my..

  2. shinytuppence
    May 30, 2010 at 23:40

    deliciously erotic 🙂

  3. May 30, 2010 at 23:48

    This is…wow. Yeah, wow.

  4. abbiedays
    May 30, 2010 at 23:52

    Pass the fan, would you dear?

  5. Sarah
    May 31, 2010 at 03:11

    Fabulous. Delicious. HOT!

  6. Kenna
    June 27, 2010 at 08:58

    Hoooooo. I like. A lot.

  7. Veronica
    June 3, 2014 at 10:08

    I’ve always loved this story but I never understood why one didn’t do a follow up about this very special lady. She’s only half seduced…

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