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Ooh, I love a bit of cake!

As promised, here is the non-emotional, short and very sweet post about what I’ve been up to in the kitchen.

I was planning on doing a step by step photo thing, but to be honest, I was baking 2 cakes and 3 dozen mini cakes all at the same time so fuck that for time and patience.

it got a little smooshed en route due to taking a corner a tad too fast!

First up is a Banana Cake with a banana and cream filling which is a family favourite and the recipe is from an old good little housewife style monthly book. Seriously, I inherited the whole 72 books from my mum and it goes off in shillings and pence and has articles such as “How to manage your day so the evening meal is ready for your husband and children” and even “Prawn Cocktail – the new food sensation!” It is amusing, but has some great recipes and is often my first port of call for recipes.

just a little dusting of icing sugar and ground ginger – contains 5 whole nanas!

Next up was one I’m very proud of, first time making this one and it came up great. I want a bit of colour on top to reflect the deep purple/brown of the gooey insides, so I dug a little hole on top and filled it with raspberries for a bit of artsy shit. My old chef used to give me shit because I was a know-nothing trainee chef who tried to push it so he used to call me ‘Escoffier’ which was in itself a kind of compliment.

Ha! If my cake wasn’t so dark and sultry, it would mock the pathetic chocolate fountain lingering in the background like a high class escort would mock a street-walking hooker.

Here we have the beetroot and chocolate cake with a rich chocolate ganache filling/topping. YES, beetroot. Trust me, the beetroot adds a different kind of sweetness and colour to the cake and leaves it moist and gooey. Plus, whilst it is a rich ‘tastes naughty’ chocolate cake, it is also only 300 calories a slice, which is less than a whole snickers bar, diet fans.

Look! An artistic photo, innit?! I like raspberries and chocolate. Something about the colours.

And now I have to give a very honourable mention to Vicky and her cupcakes. These little buggers are sweet and tasty and I can never get mine to be as fluffy as hers so I will either persevere or kill her. Vicky is ace. As are the cupcakes with little baby feet.

it’s ok, I can’t get jealous because she LOVES Twilight too much.
Cakes n Tassies

Finally we have the little bites. We have Pecan Tassies and Mini Carrot Cakes. The carrot cakes are made from a normal carrot cake recipe of mine and then I made them in a mini cheesecake tray and they came out PERFECTLY. I was really happy about these because they just look great and still have all the taste and texture of the larger cake. On top is a simple butter cream cheese icing and a dusting of nutmeg. The pecan tassies are like mini pecan tarts but made with a rugelach pastry. I came across the recipe a couple of weeks ago and made a batch for a charity bake sale – they went down a treat and so I had to do them again for the baby shower. Wait, have I not mentioned that all this is for a baby shower? Probably not. Twitterers with a keen memory will remember many months back I tweeted something like ‘is it wrong when my friend told me she was pregnant that my first thought was “wow – I bet she’ll have awesome baby boobies”?’ . Well the answer is YES. AWESOME. Anyhoo, these tassies are treacley little bites of niceness and didn’t last long at all.

More/Less cakes and Tassies

So there we go. Enjoy. I got a big buzz out of doing this because I felt like I was actually DOING something constructive instead of sitting on my lardy rump and feeling sorry for myself :p Many thanks have to go to Selina for getting pregnant and Heather for the gorgeous tea service, cake stands, amazing love and putting up with my kitchen based hissy fits.

If anyone wants a recipe, feel free to ask.

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  1. May 3, 2010 at 23:18

    Those look delicious! CAKE.

  2. May 5, 2010 at 00:40

    I would LOVE the recipe for the chocolate cake with beets. Sounds delicious!

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