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I’ve started so I’ll update.

Thanks to the replies, folks! Quick answers…

HERE’S my next blog, happy?

A little bit of innuendo is awesome – as long as you can do it in the style of Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies.

Thanks, expect my tweet!

If I could draw, I’d be almost as good as Ben (@Templesmith) Templesmith!

Anyhoo, the first thing I am going to work on is tentatively titled ‘A girl and her squid’  (which is just a working title) thanks to some inspiration from @Paradisaea and one of her drawings… it’s not so much a collaboration, I’m just going to write a -hopefully- short story based on this one picture.

@Paradisaea's girl with tentacles

which is going to have it’s roots in some Lovecraftian Cthulu stuff – again, thanks to @Templesmith.

I’m determined to knock this out quick – I have a heroine and a bad guy and all the rest is filler. As usual, I’ll keep you posted.


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